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Israspel - Israspel


 Hebraic Gospel Choir



ISRASPEL'S music sits at the intersection of two powerful musical traditions—ancient, bittersweet Hebraic melodies and words sung against the deep musical riverbed of black gospel music.

This is music you experience—not just listen to. Soulful never sounded so poignant, so powerful,

so uplifting. 


They have created original vocal arrangements and new instrumentations of some of the most popular Hebrew songs.  Their Repertoire (sung in Hebrew) consists of:  Bacheïnou, Baroukh Ata, Elohai, Hallelujah, Hatikva, Osse Shalom, Rachem, Shema Israël, Shir Lamaalot &Yeroushalaïm Shel Zahav.

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